About me

Tanned Tofu (formerly known as My Pawdora) was started in 2016, as part of my obsession with my furkids! :) A proud mama to 3 furry boys, just like all pet parents, I wanted to bring them along wherever I went. I missed them every time they couldn't tag along, and to cope with that, I began making miniatures of them :)

(L-R: Hoovy, Honey Boo Boo Kitty, and Skotch)

I create custom charm bracelets, pendants, rings, key chains, and more. As a firm believer in adoption and stray rescue, 10% of all sales go towards helping our local animal shelters.

Items are shipped worldwide, so anyone can enjoy a mini version of their fur kids! :)

I look forward to making mini versions of your furkids for you to bring everywhere!


With love,


Contact me: tannedtofu@gmail.com